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World bipolar day 2020

World Bipolar Day 

World Bipolar Day takes place every year on March 30. This year perhaps it got a bit lost in the COVID crisis, so I wanted to bring some attention to this.

Bipolar disorder used to be called manic depression and is a serious mental health condition that affects over 1m people in the UK as well as their families. 

It mainly affects your mood and people experience episodes of mania and depression but can also feel well between these times. When your mood is affected, you might see changes in your energy levels, sleep, thinking patterns or how you act.

The NHS service provision that people receive for this condition can be hit and miss, which is unfortunate as there are treatments that can make a significant difference to people’s lives, including medication and CBT.  The BABCP have produced a blog on CBT for Bipolar disorder and this page also links to other helpful resources and information:


It is certainly not an easy condition to live with but people can learn to spot the early warning signs of an episode and take helpful action to stop the bout spiralling out of control.  You can also learn to understand your stress triggers that might lead to an episode and manage these differently to reduce the likelihood or frequency of episodes. 

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