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Online Psychological Therapy

Online Therapy has been shown to be an effective way to to receive psychological support for anxiety and depression.

The main benefit of Online Therapy is convenience. It allows a much greated flexibity in times you can meet with your psychologists and reduces barriers to attending therapy such as arranging childcare.

And, while many people prefer face-to-face therapies due to their more open nature a lot of people prefer quite the opposite – the perception of anonymity by being separated via a phone line or computer screen. In fact, some people prefer talking to a ‘virtual’ therapist; feeling less “awkward”.

Some of our patients combine face-to-face with online; meeting their therapist for their first meeting or two and then switching to online to take advantage of the benefits of the logistical convenience; maybe meeting up once a month at the clinic.

If online therapy is something you’d be interested in drop us a line for a confidential chat at drlouiseoliver@gmail.com

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