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Thanks to the organisers at Love Me Love My Mind for running this year’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival in Epsom, Surrey. It was another great and worthwhile event and it’s fantastic to see open and honest discussion taking place about Mental Health.

It’s important to have events like these to break down barriers and taboos open psychological well-being.

Epsom is only a short hop away from our clinic in Banstead so we always try to get along to as many of the events as we can.

This year’s theme was Joys & Sorrows and there were more than 100 events spread across 20 venues in Epsom and Ashstead. Venues ranged from St Barnabas’s Church to Epsom College to McDonalds so there was a great variety of places and locations to make it easy for people to attend.

Here are some of the sessions that particularly caught our eye:

Mental Health for girls” was a talk hosted by Ben Blackman from CYP Haven. We’re particularly interested in this topic as, coincidentally, we are all mothers of girls ourselves and we do treat a lot of teenagers and young adults who have anxiety issues at this particularly challenging time of life.

Continuing the theme of young people’s well-being Helen Keevil, Assistant Head at Epsom College, presented an interactive workshop entitled “Striving for balance: well-being in schools, businesses, homes….

On the Sunday Dr Max Pemberton, Patron of Love Me Love My
Mind, chaired a panel discussion “An opportunity to ask the medical and mental health questions that have been on your mind…” which was attended by none other than The One Show’s Dr Sarah Jarvis.

It wasn’t all talking though and there were 5-a-side football and circuit training events at the Pound Lane recreation ground and a choral session by the Appleby Choir – showing that you can have fun and live well with dementia.

Two talks other talks close to our hearts were the Autism and ADHD with Dr Jeremy Mudunkotuwe and the Pets As Therapy sessions. In fact these two topics could possibly be linked as we know first hand of the therepeutic effect that pets can have on children who are on the autisitic spectrum or who have ADHD.

There were too many sessions to cover them all here. All in all it was another great success and we’d urge anyone interested in Mental Health and Psychology to get along to next year’s Epsom Mental Health and Wellbeing Festival in October 2020.

From the 5th-12th October, it’s the 11th annual Epsom Mental Health and Well- Being Festival. It is perfect for anyone who has a passion and interest in psychological well-being to experience this Festival. The theme this year is Joys and Sorrows, which are two big things that we sometimes can struggle to accept in life, and that they can also run together at times. We hope that people who come to this Festival we be able to reflect on this idea and find some joy in the programme.

Some of the things you can look forward to being; An interactive workshop with Helen Keevil, Assistant Head, Pupil Welfare at Epsom College, on Saturday about striving for balance: well-being in schools, businesses, homes. Or maybe you’d rather listen to Alice Allen, a student counseller at Epsom college, about living with the pain of grief. Perhaps you can get your creative streak ignited with their Art competition, with three separate age groups, to win a 100-pound prize. This is open to absolutely anyone, and you can enter any art you like, you could paint, you could draw, you could make something out of pottery, or even a DVD as long as it reflects their ‘Joys & Sorrows’ theme.

On Sunday you are welcome to join us for an opportunity to ask the medical and mental health questions that have been on your mind with Dr Sarah Jarvis of The One Show and chaired by Dr Max Pemberton, Patron of Love Me Love My Mind. This is a valuable opportunity to get those questions out of your head, and hopefully help you in the time you are going through. That afternoon there is tea, and planting a tree in memory of Ghodsie Hardwick,

On Monday you can join us for creative lunch, drumming with Ray. Or how about sitting in with an identity discussion with Cynthia Page from Outline, conversing about the 33 gender types. However maybe you’re health and diet is more on your mind, and you will want to listen to the weekly drop-in Niki Den Hollander, on how we can healthily enjoy our food.

Tuesday is all about types of Mental Distress and time for carers. There is a talk of schizophrenia with Dr Antonio Fiahlo, followed by Dr Catherine Huckle, Clinical Psychologist, discussing bipolar disorder. Make sure you stick around for the beautiful Appleby Choir who will be showing us that you can have fun and live well with dementia, followed by a delightful Afternoon Tea. Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea?

Then we come to Wednesday, a hectic day but fulfilling, but some of the highlights are the talk of pets as therapy, Body & Brain and QiGong Taster Class with Sam Lee, and an Autism and ADHD talk with Dr Jeremy Mudunkotuwe.

Then there are three whole other days filled with more things happening, and we’d be here all day talking about them, and this was only a small selection out of the many fantastic events taking place. It would be great to see your face and experience this Festival with us. All events are free, open to everyone, with free refreshments throughout the week. Unless stated otherwise the activities will be held at St Barnabas Church, Temple Road, Epsom, KT19 8HA.

Love me Love my mind

A funny, sad, true video about attitudes towards mental health; especially depression and anxiety.

What if we talked about physical health the absurd way we talk about mental health? #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth

Posted by ATTN: on Friday, 26 May 2017

Check out http://www.lovemelovemymind.org.uk/epsom-mental-health-week/emhw-2015/ for details of this year’s Epsom Mental Health Week. It will be held from 3rd to 11th October. There will be a variety of talks and events on Mental Health issues such as depression, self-harm, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and mindfulness.

Most events are taking place in St Barnabas Church, Temple Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8HA

HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Patron of the children’s mental health charity Place2Be, has recorded a video message to support the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week (16 – 22 February 2015).

Click here to view.

Dr Louise Oliver will now be offering cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) counseling services from Cheyham Lodge in Ewell village, near Epsom, Surrey. Cheyham Lodge is an integrated healthcare practice and offers range of services to include Homeopathy, Counselling and an exercise rehabilitation specialist. As a multidisciplinary practice Cheyham Lodge now prides itself on being able to both diagnose and treat an extensive array of different health complaints.

Cheyham Lodge is located between Ewell West and Ewell East train stations and the full address is:

11 Cheam Road
Ewell Village
KT17 1ST

I hope everyone who caught the events at Epsom Mental Health week enjoyed them and got something out of them. Remember that the charity that organises this Epsom event (Love Me Love My Mind) runs weekly drop in sessions in St Barnabas’ church hall which is in between Epsom and Ewell in Surrey.  http://www.lovemelovemymind.org.uk

They’re possibly good people to talk to if you want to find out more about counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to decide if it’s right for you.

Don’t forget to check out the events in Epsom Mental Health week. Today’s talks include:

  • Childhood experiences and our mental well-being
  • Exercise and healthy living
  • Developing a healthy relationship with food
  • How the clutter mounts up

So clutter and food feature strongly today. Both subjects close to my heart! 😉

This article on the BBC website is interesting.  Reading between the lines the targets themselves look to be fairly meaningless which is a shame.  However, raising the issue of mental health and associated therapy and counselling higher up the political agenda can only be a good thing.

Looking forward to checking out some of the events at Epsom mental health week (6th –  12th October 2014).  It all kicks off today at 10.15 at St Barnabas church which is in Temple Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8HA.

Go to www.epsommentalhealthweek.org.uk for details of what’s on.  The panel discussion today “What it means to have good mental health” sounds interesting with respect to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as the end target of CBT therapy is of course to hit the virtuous circle of positive mental well-being and break out of the vicious circle caused by anxiety and depression.

I’ll also be interesting in hearing the “New Developments in Mental Health Care” presentation.  CBT therapy and counselling are the big buzzwords in mental health at the moment and it will be interesting to hear what Fiona Edwards, Chief Executive of Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust will be focusing on in her talk.


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