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Anxiety, Depression and COVID-19

COVID-19 and Anxiety

The COVID lockdown has caused a huge upheaval to all our lives and has increased our sense of threat and uncertainty – these are understandable triggers to worry and anxiety.  Here are some helpful tips for managing worries related to COVID:


The BABCP have also shared a blog about managing anxiety about COVID:


COVID-19 and depression

The current situation means we have had a rapid change to our routine and lost a lot of normal activities that we may have found important for our wellbeing.  We may be socially isolated, suffer losses, and feel the stress of financial worries or juggling multiple roles and demands at home.  All these factors can lead to an increased risk of low mood.  MIND have produced some helpful tips on managing routine and well-being during lock down:


It’s good to know that there are things we can do to help our well-being during this time and get through a difficult period until we’re on the other side – focusing on the things we do have control over in the present (and less on the things we don’t have control over!), keeping a balanced, structured routine in place and being kind to ourselves and each other.

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